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Not in this case: Those URIs are identifiers, and if you try to visit them in a browser, you'll most likely be greeted by a "404 - File not found" error message.is only a hint to the parser and the parser may use other means to decide which schema to apply.Unfortunately, this use of URIs may be slightly confusing.Users have come to expect that anything that starts with is a Web site.If a document validates against a schema, it conforms to a vocabulary that the application recognizes.Validating is useful -- after all, what's the point in processing documents if the application does not recognize the elements?Typically, an application validates XML documents against a list of known schemas as part of its error handling.

Most discussions on schemas center on the best possible vocabularies or on how to organize a schema efficiently (Russian dolls, Venetian blinds, salami slices, and so on).In the document parameter, you can pass: If you pass True in validation and omit the third parameter, the command attempts to validate the XML structure via a DTD or XSD reference found in the structure itself.Validation can be indirect: if the structure contains a reference to a DTD file that itself contains a reference to an XSD file, the command attempts to carry out both validations.By definition, an application validates a document if there's a risk that the document is incorrect.The validation cannot be robust if it depends on the content of the document, such as JAXP uses URIs as identifiers for properties and attributes, which is consistent with the use of URIs as namespace identifiers.

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