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When she decided what she was going to buy, he left, and while checking out she said to me, 'That’s my soon-to-be-ex husband.' She went on to explain that their sex life just since they decided to get divorced.

Every jaw in the store dropped to the floor — we are talking about a lingerie set that exposes everything and conceals nothing of consequence: her nipples, and evidently pampered nether region were exquisitely framed for him, for us, and for all the other customers lucky enough to be there at the time.

Instead, about 45 seconds later, she yelled down to me, saying something I couldn’t understand.

When I rounded the corner, she was leaning over the balcony in the bottoms of the lingerie with no top on, asking me if it’s okay that she took her panties off to try the shorts on.

Hands on her hips, she took a twirl, and started to really strut her stuff.

He took one look, totally nonchalant, and said, 'Looks great, we'll take it.' She was happy, he was happy, everyone was happy.

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The plastic wrapping had been torn off, and the box had been opened. From there, she started asking me very loudly if she was allowed to try the pieces on.

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