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Our sermon ideas for funerals will help you preach a powerful message on honoring and remembering life.Prepare your funeral message with sermon outlines on hope, heaven, and eternity with Jesus Christ. Some markings not readable and several grinding marks. QUICKSET - - 8" like above but with a round wooden handle. Several of these previously unknown wrenches surfaced at a Texas auction several years ago. QUICKSET - APRIL 22, 1919 QUICKSET - KOKOMO, IND - - 9" with same qk adj mechanism as above but on an auto type nut wrench. Unmarked Russell Machine C0 - - 8" wooden handle qk adj nut wrench which combines rack teeth for initial adj and a knurled nut and screw for fine adj. - Pat Jan 7, 02 - - 7.75" all metal unique adj with a spring loaded lower jaw and set screw.

The company failed and all they got for their investments were the wrenches. RARE primitive looking wrench (like wooden handled example pictured at S436) 0002. Bell) but mfg to a 7-6-1920 pat by William Bell of Tulsa, OK. KENTO (in a double arrow logo) / .50 MADE IN THE USA - - 7.5" rack gear type qk adj nut wrench. Vern has a huge and varied collection of over 4,500 wrenches with outstanding examples in all categories of collectible wrenches and especially strong in cutout farm implement wrenches, IHC and related implement wrenchs (with over 200), quick adjust wrenches, early screw adjust wrenches, Crescent type wrenches from common to one of a kinds including many with various enhancements, wrenches from hardware companies such as Keen Kutter, Winchester, Shapleigh, etc., tools from the Buffum Tool Co. (the most we have ever offered for sale), and an amazing selection of ratchet type wrenches. 3 / PAT JUNE 30, 91 OTHER PATS PENDING - - 15" rack wrench that adjusts with a spring loaded top lever.

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Turn handle to release lower jaw and cw to make the final adj. AMERICAN WRENCH & SPECIALTIES CO CHICAGO USA / DROP FORGED QUICK KLAMP TRADE MARK - - - 10" qk adj nut wrench with cylinder on handle that releases and tightens lower jaw.

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