Validating event visual basic

The appearance of the displayed grid (or grids) can be further modified by creating Data Grid Table Style objects and adding them to the Grid Table Styles Collection, which is accessed through the is set to a Data Set containing three Data Table objects, you can add three Data Grid Table Style objects to the collection, one for each table.

To synchronize each Data Grid Table Style object with a Data Table, set the can only bind to such a list when all items in the list are of the same type as the first item.

When binding to an Array List, set the of a Data Column.

When constructing a Data Grid Column Style, you can also set a formatting string that specifies how the column displays data.

To display a table in the For more information about the Data Set class, see Data Sets, Data Tables, and Data Views.

You can create a grid that enables users to edit data but prevents them from adding new rows by using a Data View as the data source and setting the property to false.

You can click on a link to navigate to the child table.

When a child table is displayed, a back button appears in the caption that can be clicked to navigate back to the parent table.

property, which can take either the row and column indexes of the cell, or a single Data Grid Cell.

The data from the parent rows is displayed below the caption and above the column headers.

You can hide the parent row information by clicking the button to the right of the back button.

For example, you can specify that the column use a short-date format to display dates contained in the table.

Always create Data Grid Column Style objects and add them to the Grid Column Styles Collection before adding Data Grid Table Style objects to the Grid Table Styles Collection.

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