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Here's an image of the singer's new girlfriend/wife: Tyrese loves his daughter very much and wouldn't marry a woman that didn't get along with his daughter and her mother.

He does tend to project a larger than life image, and we're not just talking about how swole he is.The video at the end of this article shows Tyrese's recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.Tyrese Gibson's baby mama is his ex-wife, Norma Mitchell.film series won't be out until 2020, but it looks like this cast is going to generate enough drama to keep us entertained until then. This is a guy who gives off a "cuddly" image to his fans, but he was not only exposing the on-set drama to the public, but also bashing unnamed male costars.This week, Tyrese Gibson, who plays Roman Pearce in the films, is slamming Dwayne Johnson, who plays Luke Hobbs. Because Dwayne Johnson accepted a spinoff which Tyrese feels delayed production of the 9th film ... It was quickly obvious that Dwayne's not-so-subtle rant was targeted at costar Vin Diesel. might be the first time, in our recollection, that anyone has ever publicly had a problem with Vin Diesel. This is the guy who taught Dame Judi Dench how to play .

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