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Together, Carminha and Max continue to carry out their sadistic plans to get ahead while continuing their love/hate affair in the same house as their unsuspecting spouses.

Nina becomes so engrossed in her single-minded goal to inflict suffering and punishment on those who wronged her that her own happiness is jeopardized.

It became a favorite subject in the social networks of the internet, being one of the topics most discussed on Twitter, the hashtag reaching the top Trending Topics for each chapter of the story.

The night of its final chapter became epic, on Twitter, the hashtag #Oi Oi Oi Final ranked first in world affairs on Twitter and continued after the end of the exhibition throughout Brazil.

He educated her and provided for his family nicely. When her adoptive father dies it intensifies her lost of her natural father and revenge for Carminha and Max.

Batata is adopted by Carminha and Tufão (Murilo Benício) and they rename him Jorginho.

Rita at the landfill is subjected to child labor under the control of a deplorable man, named Nilo (José de Abreu).

Jorginho despises Caminha but he doesn't know why and he does not remember her clearly from his early childhood before the abandonment.Carminha and Nina have one thing in common: their earnest love for Jorginho, who is Carminha's biological son (and adoptive son) and Nina's childhood sweetheart, Batata.Nina must ultimately confront her past and decide how far she is willing to go to exact revenge on her wretched stepmother and Max, realizing her choices could cost her the love of her life as well as her humanity.It was written by João Emanuel Carneiro in collaboration with Antonio Silver, Luciana Pessanha, Alessandro Marson, Marcia Prates and Thereza Falcão and direction of Gustavo Fernandez, Thiago Teitelroit Paul Silvestrini, Andrew Hall and Joan Jabace and directed by José Luiz Villamarim and Amora Mautner and the core direction, Ricardo Waddington.Starring Débora Falabella, Adriana Esteves, Murilo Benício, Cauã Reymond, Marcello Novaes and Eliane Giardini.

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The opening was created by director Alexandre Pit Ribeiro, which featured 135 dancers dancing on a catwalk. The opening theme is a re-recording of Vem Dançar Kuduro with new Portuguese lyrics, adapted to the Brazilian market.

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