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You setup your webcam with your computer, and use one of these free webcam surveillance software.

These these software will record all the activity monitored by your webcam.

Webcams are totally free for cam users around the world. Teenager profiles video movies all chat using webcams. Webcams are not required to use the adult webcam video room. Our senior chatroom is the worlds #1 senior chat room provider.

Myspace and youtube users can use their webcams to talk to other teens.

Webcam XP even lets you stream your webcam feed to your i Phone.

Clean Adult Web Cam Chat rooms with Audio Video for singles or couples age over 18 years for friendship and romance. Senior Chat provides senior chat rooms, gallery and forums for seniors citizen & older crowd. Talk is very open from pension funds to retirement and senior holidays.

Senior health is always a big chat topic for the experienced seniors.

Just go to website of My Webcam Broadcaster, enter your account information, and you can see your live feed. Yawcam is another simple to use free home webcam surveillance software. As is with other webcam monitoring software, Yawcam comes with Motion Detection, and Video Streaming over the internet.

Apart from that, Yawcam also supports Stealth mode.

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