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The artifacts are the centerpiece of both the Whydah Pirate Museum in West Yarmouth, MA, and a traveling museum exhibition, “Real Pirates,” sponsored by the National Geographic Society.Cap’n Slappy and I were fortunate enough to see the exhibition when it was in Philadelphia in 2008.We’d been hired to provide entertainment for the exhibition opening Sept. They’d already had a successful tour of the Caribbean, and now the pirates had a big ship.

Anyway you count it, September 19 is the holiday the gives the excuse (if you’re one of those who needs an excuse) to let your inner pirate out to strut for the day (and pick up some free doughnuts, to boot!(The only vessel that could get in close enough to use its cannon was sailing under letter of marque.) No doubt the odd glass of rum will be consumed and chantey sung.Someone might even dance a hornpipe, especially after the rum drinking. In my email reply I asked, “What would a pirate be doing with all that soap? ” She replied – as I’m sure all of you would have – “To wash me booty! Some of the great events of the pirate calendar already are in the rear view mirror for this year – The Hampton Blackbeard Festival, the Northern California Pirate Festival and its southern cousin, the Pirate Invasion of Long Beach. And dozens of other such gatherings all around the country.– that they’ve gone over the board and left us in the lurch! All I can say is – as some of you may know – I live in Louisiana these days, but still work for the Virgin Islands Source, and the U. The Mid-Willamette Vally YMCA was the site where Cap’n Slappy and I came up with the idea of International Talk Like a Pirate Day. One day we started insulting each other in pirate palaver, and before you know it, we had created a holiday.That crazy idea back in 1995 grew quietly for five years, then exploded in 2002 and took the world like Morgan’s fleet taking Maracaibo. But if we cared what other people thought, we’d never have come up with the idea in the first place.

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