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You can either open the master list for all undergraduate units (linked on page 2) to browse all available units or you can open thematic lists or faculty/department lists that have been organized by area of study. INFORMATION SYSTEMSThese courses are listed under INFO and ISYS, and the Faculty of Economics and Business offers them in the information systems department as INFS.

The number of courses you take abroad depends on the credit value of the courses you select. ECONOMICS AND BUSINESSPlease make sure you have met all the prerequisites if you choose a 3000-level unit.

INTERNSHIPThe University of Sydney offers a highly competitive internship program.You will need to submit an audition either via videotape (in PAL format) or DVD, which includes a statement signed by both you and your teacher certifying that it is a true recording.To find out more details on the audition requirements and submission requirements for composition and musicology applicants, see the University of Sydney website.SCIENCESStudents taking science courses (especially those that have a lab component) may be charged a supplemental tuition fee, as IFSA-Butler's tuition fees are based on the arts and social science tuition fee.VETERINARY SCIENCEThere are numerous restrictions on study abroad students in this faculty.

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There are courses available to study abroad students in anatomy and histology, immunology, pathology, pharmacology and physiology as long as prerequisites are met and previous course work is included along with the Unit of Study Enrolment form.

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