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One way to work around the delays of getting settlement letters mailed to you is to get them faxed to you.If you do not have access to a fax already, you can set up a virtual fax service.Reaching a settlement agreement can take one phone call, or it may take several calls over a period of days, weeks, or even months.When a deal is struck, you know that no deal is a real deal until it is documented, and then paid in accordance with the agreement.Reaching the point where you have a verbal agreement to settle and pay off a debt for an amount you can afford is exciting, and a relief at the same time.You must be careful not to lose sight of what are still critical concerns before celebrating your success.Verbal communication with creditors and debt collectors are a necessary part of the debt negotiation process.How and when to communicate with creditors and debt collectors to negotiate with them is covered extensively throughout this site.

Settling with a third-party debt collector means you must get the above details documented before remitting any payment towards the agreement.Technology has provided many conveniences and cost savings when communicating important details that require documentation.Documents can be emailed with the click of a mouse.Debt settlement letters with original creditors and debt collectors are typically a standard form that will consist of the following: The letter will have other general information, such as disclosures about settling debt.Creditors and collectors put this information in to cover themselves.

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