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“Viagem ao Centro da Terra 2: A Ilha Misteriosa” é realizado por Brad Peyton (“Cães e Gatos: A Vingança de Kitty Galore”).

O elenco inclui também Michael Caine como o avô de Sean, Alexander Anderson, e Kristin Davis como a mãe de Sean, Liz Anderson.

He achieved unprecedented success, becoming a New York Times bestselling author for his autobiography, The Rock Says, as well as a platinum recording artist for his WWE compilation CD, performing with such artists as Wyclef Jean.

In 2011, Johnson renewed his relationship with the WWE, bringing ‘The Rock’ persona to a new generation of wrestling fans.

O filme é produzido por Beau Flynn & Tripp Vinson e Charlotte Huggins, a partir do argumento de Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn, guião de Richard Outten.

É um lugar de estranhas formas de vida, montanhas de ouro, vulcões mortíferos e vários segredos surpreendentes.

He won his first National Championship with the team in 1991 and played again for the National Championship in 1992, closing out his illustrious football career by competing for a third National Championship in 1995 against the University of Nebraska in the Orange Bowl.

Upon graduation, Johnson turned his passion for entertainment into a life-changing career.

In 1964, Caine landed his first major film role as Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead in “Zulu.” The following year, he starred in the hit thriller “The Ipcress File,” earning his first of 37 BAFTA Award nominations for his portrayal of secret agent Harry Palmer.

However, it was his Oscar®-nominated performance in the seminal sixties film “Alfie” that catapulted Caine to international stardom.

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He was the host of Wrestle Mania XXVII and the main event for WWE’s November 2011 “Survivor Series” at Madison Square Garden.

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