Spotting the player in the online-dating game

No thanks…I’ll wait for a guy who can write an email to, not to the masses.His Profile Is Perfect-Perfectly witty, intelligent, with perfectly composed photos and a silly, yet charming headline.He Never Wants To Meet (In real life)-Getting an online player to step away from his macbook and hang out in the real world is next to impossible.Why would he want to put himself out there, when he’s safe in his internet playin bubble.What a Player Isn’t First and foremost, a guy isn’t necessarily a player if he decided to break it off with you.Maybe you simply didn’t click or he found someone else. Again, when it comes to online dating, a guy looking for casual sex is not a player.If you do feel the need to some casual fun with no strings attached, then you are a consenting adult and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

He’s Always Online-Every time you log on, there he is!

Most guys I know have absolutely no clue what the hell to say in their online dating profile, so when I see a profile that is too perfect and contrived, I just have to raise a red flag.

No, a guy shouldn’t be punished for being well spoken and eloquent, but it begs the question-what is he trying to prove?

The guy in question emailed me again and said he didn’t have time to write out personalized emails to girls online.

So, he was telling me I wasn’t worth a personalized email yet he still wanted my number?

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Online players love attention, so why would they want to chat with one girl if they could be talking to six or seven?

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