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Lake Havasu: Lions Dog Park at London Bridge Beach, Beachcomber Blvd., Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 Located along the famous Bridgewater Channel, London Bridge Beach features a buoyed-in swimming area, beach, two playgrounds, and a fully enclosed dog park.Lions Dog Park has a grassy expanse for the dogs to play in, drinking bowls with fresh water, and a hydrant-shaped fountain that sprays a cooling mist of water, plus covered benches and a walking path for human guests.The park is also an off-leash dog park with places for dogs to swim.

The dog beach features a dock from which dogs can jump into the water.

The park has a disc golf course, horseshoe pits, a huge playground, and open lawns for other sports and activities.

To get to the beach turn off Front Street onto Stamps Way (at H Street) and continue to the beach front area.

Mine Cycle™ is a set of planning, survey, and design software applications that facilitate optioneering to help mining industry participants address priority challenges, including the need for a continuous mine planning cycle.

Thomas & Hutton Columbia, United States Thomas & Hutton is a growing, well-established civil engineering firm providing consulting services throughout the southeast.

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