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In‭ ‬1822‭ ‬the herbivore teeth were submitted to the Geological Society of London,‭ ‬but‭ ‬the response was not positive as the members declared the teeth to belong to either a rhinoceros or possibly a fish.‭ ‬Interestingly one of these members was William Buckland,‭ ‬who under two years later would actually go on to name the first dinosaur,‭ ‬Megalosaurus.‭ ‬Just over a year after this in‭ ‬1823,‭ ‬Charles Lyell showed some of the teeth to Georges Cuvier,‭ ‬A French naturalist who used techniques of comparative anatomy to identify fossil animals.‭ ‬One of‭ ‬Cuvier’s most famous successes was that he was the first person to correctly identify the pterosaur Pterodactylus as a flying reptile.‭ ‬Initially Cuvier had the same conclusion as the Geological society in that the teeth were of a rhinoceros,‭ ‬but the next day‭ ‬he‭ ‬actually doubted that interpretation.‭ ‬Unfortunately Lyell's communication to Mantell only contained Cuvier's initial opinion of the teeth,‭ ‬something that resulted in Mantell putting the teeth to one side.

The next bit of Iguanodon's forelimb specialisation is the hand itself,‭ ‬specifically the five digits.‭ ‬Easiest thing to do here is if you look at the back of your hand and open your fingers up so that you can easily see all five of your digits‭ (‬four fingers and a thumb‭)‬.‭ ‬The centre three digits of Iguanodon's hand were robust and packed close together.‭ ‬This would be like you putting your three central digits‭ (‬index,‭ ‬middle and ring fingers‭) ‬close together so that they were one.‭ ‬As you may now appreciate this results in an inflexible portion of the hand,‭ ‬but in Iguanodon this was not a problem as it provided the main weight bearing area of the limb when Iguanodon was walking on all fours.‭ This leaves the thumb which in Iguanodon was just a single large spike.‭ ‬The remaining fifth digit‭ (‬your little finger,‭ ‬or‭ '‬pinkie‭') ‬was actually very flexible to the point of being prehensile.‭ ‬Easiest way to describe what prehensile means is if you look a picture of a chameleon you may notice that its tail is curved around the branch it is holding on to,‭ ‬this is an extreme case of a prehensile tail.‭ ‬The little finger of Iguanodon‭ ‬however,‭ ‬probably could not flex to this extreme.‭ ‬The finger was however capable of wrapping itself around a high piece of vegetation so that Iguanodon could pull it down and feed upon parts of a plant that would otherwise have been out of reach.

It is this flexibility of switching between bipedal and quadrupedal posture and feeding on both low and moderately high vegetation that allowed Iguanodon to spread out across a wide area.‭ ‬Smaller ornithopods would have had to make do with browsing low vegetation and more primitive larger ornithopods would have been more‭ ‬suited to feeding on certain kinds of plants that they could reach.‭ ‬Iguanodon's specialisations not only allowed it to compete with other ornithopods but also low browsing armoured dinosaurs like the stegosaurids as well as the smaller sauropods.‭ ‬Being occasionally bipedal even while feeding means that you can see as well as possibly smell further.‭ ‬This is something that would have given Iguanodon an advantage in spotting predatory dinosaurs sooner than other low browsing dinosaurs were able too.

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