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The difference is, I don't need it the way I once did." Seems pointless to ask B. Lonelyland, his first solo album, entered 2000 to respectable reviews, though a few echoed the Chronicle: "Lonelyland, Schneider's debut as a singer-songwriter type, is one more reason to coo over him ...

because on it he proves himself to be more than a capable writer without having to rely on rhyming monosyllabic dirty words." In other words, don't hate Bob because he's beautiful.

But when I'm alone and making music, I feel very comfortable, very safe.

As his band, Lonelyland, tunes up, Schneider seats himself between bassist Harmoni Kelley and guitarist Jeff Plankenhorn.

"I was with a band called Bitter Lemon, and we played the high school talent show and killed. So did the art (see the cover of this Chronicle), yet that was never the main attraction.

Few musicians in Austin can boast the longevity and local history Schneider does.

Not since the mid- 1980s when Dino Lee & the White Trash Revue paraded onstage with 6-foot penises and near-naked women had Austin seen anything as irresistibly obscene as the Scabs. The success and appeal of Schneider's new act lay in the combination of its charismatic frontman, horn-laden powerhouse band, and danceably dirty songs.

"Every band I started, I'd go down to the Drag every week and hand out stickers.

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