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Jenny Slate is peering at a breakfast menu, methodically poking and prodding her stomach with both hands. "I do this thing when I'm picking my food where I touch my body," she says, without looking up. "When [director Gillian Robespierre and producer Elisabeth Holm] told me they wanted to make another movie, I said, 'Okay, whatever it is, I'll do it.' Because I trust the way that they want to interact with the world," she says of the duo behind 2014 breakout movie Sometimes, Slate's penchant for working from instinct and breezily shooting from the hip pays off. When our waiter approaches, Slate asks him for free-range eggs and potato hash with turkey sausage on the side, and before he can turn away, she zeroes in on a large pewter ring on his finger. " she exclaims as she reaches out to inspect the engraving on its front. " Our waiter looks a bit perplexed, and it takes Slate only half a beat to add, "..Osiris?

She signed on to her latest movie, (now in theaters), before even seeing a script.

A.'s obsession with plastic-surgery-aided perfection: "It's saying, I've given up.

I'm too afraid that imperfection is going to make me feel excluded from the community, so I'm buying in rather than opting out.' It plays into a deep fear put in place by the patriarchy.

The incident, which made only minor waves in Studio 8H, became a permanent mark on her professional origin story.

Her bigger obstacle: the notoriously competitive, high-pressure workplace, in which she felt herself wilt. "I felt like I did in the seventh grade when I got bullied.

" The waiter says he doesn't know what the glyph means, just that he liked the way it looks. "I think it's Osiris."After he leaves our table, Slate immediately leans in.

She's dialed into her emotions with impressive clarity.

"A lot of the time, the ladies say to each other as an insult that they should go to therapy. Therapy is beautiful." She runs through her therapists as if recounting her dating history: She started seeing her first after graduating from Columbia.

That lasted about seven years, until Slate moved to Los Angeles.

Slate seems to have extracted an unusual amount of catharsis from that little shell.

"That character was a real expression of what I feel," she says.

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