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Daniel has amassed quite a fortune thanks to his fame as an actor, and of course, playing James Bond.The actor is believed to be worth a staggering £74million.But in a major u-turn, the actor will be stepping back into that Aston Martin and will be enjoying another shaken, but not stirred martini.The hunky star has confirmed he will be back for ONE more film.

DANIEL Craig made himself into a global superstar after landing the role of James Bond.

Thanks to Bond, he is set for life, and with a growing stake in the 007 project (he has a major say, for example, in choosing directors) he may earn even more when his contract comes up for renewal.

But ass with so much else in his life, he won’t be shouting it from the rooftops.

(His most prized possession is a Liverpool football shirt signed by club captain Steven Gerrard.)Even when he mixed with the achingly hip Primrose Hill Set in North London a decade ago, the likes of Kate Moss (an old flame) would poke fun at his cheap clothes and relaxed attitude towards regular bathing.

Until about six years ago, he had made a perfectly decent living, entering the public consciousness in the epic mini-series Our Friends In The North and enjoying no small measure of fame through films such as Road To Perdition and Sylvia.

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One legacy of the double separation followed by the marriage, however, is evidence that his reputation for being careful with his money is perhaps undeserved — Miss Mitchell is understood to have been allowed to stay in the £1 million apartment which Craig had bought in New York just months before their split.

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