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Mama Kris knows what she is talking about.21 you are an ass. I have watched my Father, one of my brothers and many many other Black men act like fools for any woman, especially a White woman that blew their ego up. I didn't say every Black man is like this but the brothers that are successful are particularly vulnerable.Chris Rock does a bit about successful Black guys and White women.He is white by the way- which I think has nothing to do with it.And I have ten or twenty gay and straight male friends who have done the same- and others (black and white) who have not.

It's sad, it's like people don't even notice same-race couples, because they don't consider it abnormal, but they always notice interracial couples and because that's what they pay attention to, they're convinced that it's much more common than it actually is. What about the fact that Robert De Niro exclusively dates and marries black women, care to discuss that? My question is why are they so-called "celebrities? That is something white men find difficult to accept or even contemplate.Any good opportunist will quickly figure out how to manipulate and prey upon those insecurities. And, I'd bet a million dollars they wouldn't date everyday black men - only rich celebs. You act like it's some serious issue that needs deep analysis to understand. I've seen it quite a bit with some family members of mine and even a few former friends of mine. What bothers me is that whenever a black man does date a white woman, she's usually the bottom of the barrel.I also agree with the person who pointed out the inherent bigotry in the OP posing the question. Being gay, I really don't care who the fuck people choose to date, fuck, marry, etc. Hell, I see those issues with gay black men from time to time too. The Kardashian women are all disease-ridden white trash whores. The mom isn't (and previously wasn't when married to her ex-husband). So, in that relatively small sample, 50% are not sleeping with black men.Pimps are successful because they know how to work insecure females.There are no female pimps but there are females that know how to spot and take advantage of insecure men and among Black men that is easy to find. " A white girl with a known history of dating black men becomes unappealing to white men.

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R17 As a black man I find your analysis to be rather small minded and insulting.

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