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Further slowing research efforts is the process of finding relevant documents in the database.

The problem is that the documents are not indexed using a controlled vocabulary.

The depository also holds oversized and multimedia materials, such as videotapes that are not available on websites, and a number of boxes of documents indexed only by Bates (unique identification) numbers.

These documents have no computerised searchable index; therefore, one must sift through the boxes of papers to identify anything of relevance—mostly a matter of luck and a quick eye for screening.

In this article, we discuss differences between searching for documents at the depository and on various online sites and suggest some practical strategies that may help researchers be more productive while using these collections.

This lengthy process ensures that documents are both in the boxes and in order by Bates number, but it also ensures that research will proceed slowly.

Documents are available for public viewing at the Minnesota Tobacco Document Depository, which opened in Minneapolis in 1998, at the Guildford Document Depository in Guildford, England, and on the world wide web, accessible through In addition, through websites, users can get access to documents produced under the state litigation in Washington, Mississippi, Florida, and Texas, and selections from the British American Tobacco documents housed at Guildford, UK. Though the vast majority of documents are from the Minnesota case, which resulted in the release of documents from Philip Morris, RJ Reynolds, American Tobacco, Lorillard, the Tobacco Institute, Brown and Williamson, and the Council on Tobacco Research, collections continue to become available in conjunction with other legal cases.

Given the enormous numbers of documents that are available, the collections may prove to be either a treasure trove of information valuable for tobacco control research and advocacy, or a quagmire of quantity into which researchers sink in despair.

The driver confessed and was written a fine, that has already been paid,” policeman Þorsteinn Kristinsson said in an interview with the Icelandic Broadcasting Service yesterday.

Off road driving is prohibited in Iceland, although the injunction is continually being ignored by motorists, leaving some areas marred beyond repair.

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The Lakavegur road is located within the Vatnajökull Nature Reserve, South Iceland.

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