Pof dating site scams

Now, to be clear, at this point I haven’t been scammed at all, but the whole thing has a “too good to be true” feel to it that is making me wary.

I’ll begin with a quick breakdown of “first contact.”At about 6am I received a notification that I had a message waiting for me on POF.

I will stick to being single till God sends my husband."Pretty_laddy" (above), sent a very simple “”I told her I did indeed have a name, Dan, and that I was also feeling disenfranchised with the POF site in general as a means of making a real connection.She replied by telling me her name was Cathy and that she was probably going to quit the whole pof site.I have been out of the dating game for about 9 years and this was a bit overwhelming.It only got worse to the point I had to turn my notification off.

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