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With one exception, whose authenticity may be contested, proper bird ladies do not have female breasts as their torso is that of a bird.

Creatures that look like bird ladies but have breasts belong to a different category of hybrids that do not have a standard form but show different elements in each existing version (see here).

The bodies of the columns have relief decoration that could be interpreted as fluting: two have vertical fluting, one spiral fluting, and two spiral fluting on top and vertical on the lower part.

Animal attack scene: A lion in left profile is attacking a hoofed quadruped (bovid? The lion is turning its forepart backwards and steps on the quadruped's back to bite it on the neck.

The near hind leg extends from the rump and is bent sharply and rather clumsily to form an unnaturally elongated lower limb, set near the edge of the seal face.

Only the lower part of the far hind leg appears beneath the animal’s belly.

From Mycenae, Chamber Tomb 68 Stylistic Dating: LB II-LB IIIA1?

This is a rare representation of a human shown standing in what appears to be an architectural setting represented by columns.

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