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We really like Coleman’s new range of lighted easy-ups.

They come packed in a wheeled bag, making it easy to drag from your car to campsite.

Look for level ground or a slightly raised mound to pitch your tent on. Instead of filling up on funnel cakes, why not enjoy a cookout?

You’ll want camp chairs, a folding table, cooler, two-burner propane camp stove, and some basic cooking equipment like a pot, pan, tongs, and some plates and silverware.

Come to Camp Chief Ouray to find your place in the outdoors.

We will be offering this program to women 18 years of age with the intent of teaching outdoor adventure skills and playing in the outdoors.

With some basic preparation, camping at a music festival can be the best weekend of the season. A lot of people camp out at music festivals who don’t otherwise sleep outdoors. Tent: You’ll want a quality tent with a body composed mostly of mesh and a separate rain fly.

A separate rain fly over an all-mesh body is the best way to avoid condensation while staying cool. Those two people will be extremely tight; six people sleeping in a 6P tent will look like a drawer packed tight with spoons. A 3P or 4P tent is way more comfortable for two, and a 6P to 8P tent is better for three to four. We tested them all in 2014; this year, we did a deep dive into camping options for couples.

Tent Lights: Big Agnes recently launched a range of tents targeted at festivalgoers that incorporate LED lights into the tent body.

Rugs: Throwing rugs down under your canopy, outside your tent, or on its floor can help make your campsite feel like home.

Again, just operate a no-shoes-allowed policy on top of them. Nemo makes a killer pressure shower that can double as a dishwasher.

Rules at every festival differ, so check them before trying this, but it can be fun to haul along a portable charcoal grill for cooking.

Some double as fire pits—bring a few bundles of wood, and you can relax around a fire at night.

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You’ll want a pair of flip-flops for showering and lounging around camp, but that’s about it.

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