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Either school, work, or other everyday life's activities, we simply have no more time for social or love life.That's why more and more people go online and try to pursue their dating goals on online dating sites.Criminals online can be very similar to criminals you can encounter in the offline world in terms of illegal activities they are engaged in.Fraud is probably the most ‘popular’ criminal activity on online dating sites in Australia, and the more people are aware of this fact the harder it will be for the criminals to scam anyone out of their money or possessions.This book will explain how dating sites and other related services work, how they scam you, how to protect yourself online and much more.When you'll finish reading this book, you'll be well prepared for your online dating experience. Then the emergency – he is bashed by robbers and they take all his cash & credit cards. The more his attitude changed, things in the story were not adding up, the more I grew skeptical. He lives in Surry Hills Sydney but are working in a remote location in Malaysia. He shared his story of being an only child who’s parents have passed away, having no one else. He went from showering me with compliments to being more aggressive as I questioned further.

He needs money to be able to complete the work project, or risk losing the whole contract and also needed money to pay daily for medical costs for your son who has leukemia and the hospital that will only take cash. The promise to fly to Melb – the so called tickets he showed me – not a booking at all – just a screen shot of an incomplete booking….Never engage in anything like that because at the end of the day you could be held accountable as an accomplice!We live in times, where people have less and less free time.Scammers open fake profiles and prey on the lonely and vulnerable individuals who reveal too much information about themselves, and often open up too fast to people who don’t have honest intentions.One of their favorites is the ‘widowed with child’ status that instantly evokes the feelings of sympathy in women.

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That’s why we’ve created a short review of potential scams that are lurking around the corner if you’re not careful.

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