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One big advantage might be that you could use Skype at any time for calls including the 1330 translation service. When you arrive at Incheon airport or their other airports, there are many booths where you can get a local SIM card or rent a pocket wifi router - like KT Olleh, SK telecom etc.

I rented pocket wifi from KT Olleh which allowed 3 devices to connect at the same time. However, i feel that the airport collection and returns are quite hectic with all my luggages and tax returns. Haha i think we shouldn't push our luck hoping that we will find unlocked wifi everywhere I didn't realise that you could rent wifi routers straight from Aussie! Yes I think with several people the egg will serve you well.

If you are travelling around the country then there is a model that has better coverage than the other which is suitable for Seoul and cheaper.

I guess it depends on how desperate you are to be in constant contact. This time and each other trip I have not bothered with an egg but just relied on using signals when I get them.

You will sign a form with the end date, and that's it. Korea4tries to ensure that the information we provide is accurate and complete, so should you notice any errors or omissions in the content above please contact us at [email protected]

Traveling to South Korea with mobile devices is easier to share your travel story and, more importantly, keep in touch with friends and family back home.

If you have Internet/Cable/Satellite contracts with a set expiration date but are having to cancel it early, be prepared to pay the early cancellation penalty (If you are moving within Korea and to an area where that service is available, that will not usually not have a negative impact on your contract.) If you have a friend or someone else cancel your contract, either because they have used your service for a time or because they will be paying your final bill, make sure that that person has your alien registration number (a copy of your ARC would be helpful).

Often there is a small time lag before the refund is deposited to your Korean bank account.

To make a local SIM card work, your device must satisfy these requirements: Be unlocked/SIM-free before coming.

Many GSM phones have SIM lock or network lock built into by manufacturers to restrict the use of them to specific network providers.

Terminating Automatic Payments If you have set up auto payments for any of your regular bills, you will have to go to the bank, in person, to stop the auto-payments.

You don't have to say why you're terminating the payments, you just have to give the date when you want payments to stop, or when you want the last payment made.

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The cheap motels all over the country all have good free connections, most coffee shops also but you might need to ask for a password there. Outside of Seoul you might find a few more places without wifi available.

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