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It is also a very attractive quality so stand by what you believe in and if that person is truly right for you, then they too will stand right beside you and your beliefs!by Catherine (Sheffield, UK) I am a widow and after just over two years my friends told me to try internet dating.Often, he will think that he can handle it, and then in a few weeks the realization hits him that this is real and not going to change, and it just can’t work for him.Give him points for trying, but you don’t want to be with someone who isn’t able to connect with you on an emotional level.He thinks that your “I’m waiting till marriage” stance is just a phase, or something you have said to play hard to get — nothing his charm and personality can’t alter. He can be tricky to deal with and will hide his motives very well.He may manage to lead you on for a very long time and after a while of getting nowhere, this previously confident fellow will suddenly realise that you were serious and in which case he can, therefore, no longer be bothered with the chase.

You have that experience under your belt and now you will find it easier to recognise guys that are leading you on. It is possible that he has hurt you and made you feel worthless-always remember that you are not worthless.In my experience, guys’ reactions all fall within one of these five ranges. ” Then he runs a mile away, cuts off all contact, and avoids you like the plague.You should realise that he really isn’t worth any of your time if you aren’t worth any of his.You can tell from his reaction that he was much more interested in sex than in any kind of emotional connection.This often represents immaturity (and/or shallowness) on his part.

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  1. Living in the Big Apple as a strong and confident single mother has taught me how adventurous life should be. Parties, dinners, dates and spending time with my cutie pie daughter are what I enjoy doing the most in life. An uber socialite, a smart fashionista and a dessert queen at home,.