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She moaned and grunted as I tongue fucked her pink clam, grabbing her by her meaty ass and raising it up.

I took my dam time eating her out, exploring every nook and cranny of her pink cunt with my tongue and watching her squirming with pleasure.

The inner walls of her wet pussy were pulsating as she felt my tongue on her clitoris.

I lapped her slit hungrily, tasting her wonderful juices.

Tired of waiting, she went inside and found me in my bedroom, where I was preparing the bed for us.

But I didn’t even have to seduce her and persuade her to have sex with me.

I began to lick slowly from her sensitive asshole up to the top of her wet slit.

Wearing nothing but her high heels, the beautiful naked girl crawled on my bed, lying on her back and spreading her legs wide open so I could eat her out.

I flipped the teen slut over into reverse cowgirl, pinning her body against mine as I put her on the full sex nelson, a submissive power fuck position that drives teen girls mad and makes them cum like crazy as I pound their pussies nonstop!

The young teen got down on her hands and knees, pushing her tight ass back up against my cock and grinding it up and down while looking over her shoulder with a dirty look on her beautiful face.

I slid my hands under her cute little ass, squeezing her soft cheeks as I ate her cunt, tasting the delicious juices flowing from her wet slit.

The naked girl started moving her pussy all over my face coating me with her juices.

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