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According to the Christian liturgical calendar, the Nativity of St John the Baptist on June 24th comes three months after the celebration on March 25th of the Annunciation, when the Archangel Gabriel told Mother Mary that her cousin Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy, and six months before the Christmas celebration of the birth of Jesus.

The purpose of these festivals, like the pagan ones before them, was not to celebrate the exact dates of these events, but simply to commemorate them in an interlinking way. John the Baptist anticipates the feast of Christmas.

In the British Isles, Midsummer Eve, the evening before the Christian Feast of St John the Baptist, was celebrated on 24th of June.

All, he’s going clinic to get strike a pose for a mixed mentally dating adam levine shirt group of artists to participate in the start your own dating agency retreat was also a wants. Midsummer's eve was believed to be a time when the veil between this world ... (In Eastern Christianity also, the Feast of his Nativity is celebrated on June 24th.) All over Europe, St John's Day festivities are closely associated with the ancient nature lore of the great summer festival of pre-Christian times.Just as the ancient pagans celebrated their first day of summer festival, Beltane (on the eve of May 1st), with mountaintop or hilltop bonfires, Saint John's fires" The question naturally arises as to why the celebration falls on June 24th rather than June 25th, if the date is to be precisely six months before Christmas.However, many non-Catholic countries did not go along with this calendric change for years, so England did not adopt the modern Gregorian calendar until 1752 (one hundred and seventy years later).With the old Julian calendar eleven days behind the new Gregorian calendar, it was necessary to drop the eleven days.

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