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In couple’s therapy, people work to understand their unique partnership and mystery.Couple’s counseling is not all theoretical, though. Common issues couples work on in therapy: Again, each couple has unique strengths and challenges which make couple’s therapy different for everyone.The second way a marriage can be invalid is when there is no impediment and I give my consent, but my consent is defective - either because I am in error about what I am consenting to, or my freedom is somehow affected - I'm being forced into this. One may consent freely to marriage, but one's understanding of marriage may mean exclude children; or may admit of having other partners; or that it is not lifelong.The third way a marriage can be declared invalid is if it was not celebrated according to "canonical form." In other words, a Catholic is bound to be married in the presence of a priest or deacon, and two witnesses.They discuss the merits of the case, the application of the law to it, debate it, and then each of the three judges renders a vote.If there are two affirmatives - you need a majority - then a decision for nullity is rendered.Our partners can evoke the greatest joy and connection in us, as well as the deepest sadness and anger.

So if I were to attempt a marriage - let's say I fooled everybody, went someplace, got married and everybody thought it was a sacrament, but in fact it was not - I was impeded. You can't be married to one person and then marry another.The deeper work often involves each partner understanding his or her own family-of-origin influences, as well as their partner's.Seeing how these early influences play out in their current relationship can aide in understanding people’s “buttons.” Often times, couples will work to better understand those seemingly small issues that elicit big emotional reactions.Couples counseling is provided for GLBTQ couples as well, as Sentier Psychotherapy works with couples of all sexual orientations.It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the busiest!

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This defender of the bond writes a defender's brief to the judges and makes his argument for why the declaration of nullity should not be rendered.

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