Mandating h1n1 vaccine

As Betsch says, But Greenberg argues it’s necessary.

“Physicians and public health scientists tend to work in a world of statistics, but statistics on their own aren’t particularly compelling.

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I think, the next should be the families of all related to medical profession/CDC/FDA, so that they can observe on their own children/spouses/parents/grandparents the effects of massive and regular vaccination.

After all, if you fight anecdote with anecdote, don’t you lose the upper hand?

And even if you do, is it the role of doctors to scare people into action?

“His words were ‘as of Her story is similar to that of other parents we spoke to who had refused to vaccinate their children.

And they omit the big consensus on the research.”90 percent of medical scientists agree that vaccines are safe and that all parents should be required to vaccinate their children” significantly reduced their worries about vaccines and belief in a link between vaccines and autism.But a parent who is very hesitant might respond better to just getting information and time to reflect ahead of any decision., was first researched on vaccines by Arnaud Gagneur, a doctor and professor at Quebec’s Universite de Sherbrooke.found that showing parents pictures of children suffering from mumps, measles or rubella and a parent’s description of a child’s illness worked better than sharing information debunking the idea that vaccines aren’t safe.that tested four different ways of promoting the MMR vaccine: offering information explaining that there’s no evidence the MMR vaccine causes autism; information about the dangers of the diseases; photos of children who had measles, mumps or rubella; and a story about an infant who almost died of measles.

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