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Without early training in empathy, its hard for them to grow to become change-makers as adults.It is widely believed that empathy is a good thing, from a moral point of view.Another main theme of Draytons speech was children.

The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the current knowledge in developmental and affective neuroscience with an emphasis on the perception of pain in others.

Pair bonding and rearing of young organisms increased their survival and was consequently selected for, driving the development of new mental capacities.

For some of us in the human realization game, the high water mark of our development is empathy. Yet though just about anyone would agree that Jesus was one compassionate dude, empathy is being looked on with suspicion by certain upstanding Americans.

The overarching advice he offered to the intently listening crowd was empathy.

Thats it thats all it takes to be a good interviewer.

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