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I might only be in Europe once in my life, and I was tired of being a tourist.

Since it went public in 2004, the community has ballooned to seven million members in 100,000 cities. It all started from one chain email sent by Casey Felton, the site’s founder, to 1,500 students on his trip to Iceland asking for a place to stay.

Before “couching” with someone, the company suggests looking at references, making sure they have many different friends with full profiles so you know the same person didn’t make the references.

Some members can donate forty dollars to become “verified,” a process that proves you live at the location in which you claim to live.

When I got off at the wrong stop, I had to walk a couple blocks back to where I agreed to meet him.

Milena’s profile skimmed the basics: She had not posted a description of herself, or written anything in the category “One amazing thing I’ve seen or done.” She had no references. I figured I might even walk away with a new international friend, someone who could potentially accompany me on future travels.He’s been surfing for the past couple of years and evangelizes the couchsurfing message to anyone and everyone: Still, everyone has to be wary of who they open their hearts to.In 2009, a twenty-nine-year-old Hong Kong traveler who used claimed to have been raped by her host, who “allegedly subjected the woman…to a degrading and humiliating sex ordeal.” She says Abdelali Nachet, thirty-four, asked her to slow dance with him, then pushed her onto a bed after she declined.I was initially put off by the’s unsophisticated graphics (which have since been updated), but the more I clicked through the site, the more overwhelmed I was by positive reviews. wrote: But the numbers convinced me: 2,551,866 users, 2,951,073 friendships created, and 4,072,138 positive experiences.Each page was flooded with member testimonials all preaching couchsurfing love. (There are seven million members as of May 2014.) Everyone has their own style of couchsurfing, but according to Tom “Chino” Nguyen, an active member since 2009, accommodation requests should usually be sent one to two weeks in advance, and each should be individualized to the host.

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He allegedly sexually assaulted her twice and she claimed that he later forced her to take a bath in order to remove incriminating evidence.

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