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That threw me for a loop seeing as how my assumptions were turned upside down.

From what I’ve seen here, Italian men are marriage phobic and want to extend their relationship as along as possible before taking the plunge and saying “I do”, or whatever it is that they say in Italian wedding vows.

I believe in the equality of the races and sexes, and the equality of all sexual orientations, identities and everything in between.I’ve benefitted greatly thriving in this country from having him in my life, and I recognize that.His English has also improved, since that’s the main language we communicate in due to the fact that his English is better than my Italian.On the positive side, we loved how different we were and how much we were learning from each other.The difference of culture was fun and kept things interesting longer than in a standard same-culture relationship.

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Italians like to keep it cool and a transition to living together is more their style than actually asking the other person and taking their relationship to the next level, apparently. On the positive side, we have a lot of fun talking about our views about different things, even if we don’t agree.

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