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Avis Rent A Car is an automobile rental company that has been in operation since the 1940s.

Their motto since 1962 has been “We try harder.” Hey, it’s Whistler’s mother! The crime drama which aired on the radio from 1949-1957 and on TV from 1951-1959, used the introduction, “The story you are about to see is true.

They end up saving the day, but mostly by happen chance. Two boys, somewhat less annoying than the previous pair end up on a spaceship but this time ride the thing to a whole other planet where they encounter a space monster who is the Swiss Army knife of Kaiju.

The enemy this time is a giant squid-like alien who is not all that compelling really. Able to use his bladed head as a cutting tool and able to shoot out suriken blades from his temple Guiron is a fun monster, though hardly credible.

as we follow the two boys as they ramble around in boy scout uniforms yelling "Gamera" every couple of minutes.Gamera from 1965 is in black and white, giving it a more old-fashioned feel than its date suggests, but that's to a good effect overall as the black and white evokes the best of the early Godzilla movies, especially when the fire-breathing Gamera, after being awakened by nuclear bombs in the Arctic, starts plowing through the streets of Tokyo.Several scenes seemed specifically designed to suggest scenes from Godzilla.The most touching aspect of this movie though is the dilemma of the little sister who is left behind when the boys are swooshed away by the spaceship.She tries to tell the adults, who mostly disbelieve her and her sadness at her loss and her helplessness is very touching in a movie which is largely a romp. Jiger gives us some more annoying kids, but this time inside a plot which is properly dense enough to hold interest.

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