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See full summary » The world after the nuclear apocalypse. The surviving humans vegetate in wet cellars under the nuclear winter. See full summary » Blockade Leningrad, winter of 1942.The soloist of the symphony orchestra is working on Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony.The major departure from the novel's plot is in the ending, in which the "Aquatters" ("Slimeys" from the novel) are all killed by the humans.

Marina Nikolayevna is shown as a convinced 60s person,noble and honest.'The Role' is about a brilliant actor in revolutionary Russia who takes on the greatest role of his life - the role of another man.Influenced by the ideas of symbolism and the Silver Age, ...She turns out to be more intelligent than her daughter and fake doctor.She shows them her deep love to her motherland and the old world, so she goes back to Russia and commits suicide in her flat after all.

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The film's plot is loosely based on the novel, with some superficial differences.

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