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Even “Hi, my name is Josh,” however acceptable and innocuous, says nothing meaningful about yourself and nothing about them.

This introduction shows you thought about them for at least a moment before approaching.

Without effective communication skills and comfort practicing them, whatever awesomeness you have inside you is invisible to the world. Other people will nearly always be attracted to people with better social skills.

effective communication skills and comfort practicing them, you can showcase your inner awesomeness to your heart’s content.

People now sometimes compliment me on what I have today, so I believe anyone can develop great social skills.

One seminar I give, sometimes in a series, is on communication and social skills for business, social, and any other interactions.

Done well, the person feels you approached them because something about them — preferably their behavior — led you to believe they are worth approaching. Here’s an example for when you’re bored at an event Since most people, the first time the do this, talk about the person’s shirt, hair, or something else about the other person’s appearance, the exercise is to find things related to their behavior — something they The exercise is this: as you go about your day, practice coming up with what you would say to any person.

At first, you don’t have to approach them, just get in the habit of coming up with things people would appreciate hearing without being obsequious. I walked to my window and imagined my “I saw you Walking on a Manhattan street, you could do this exercise dozens of times in a few minutes, but you don’t have to be. On a subway you could practice a hundred times between two stops.

People want to do business with you and invite you to join them because they want people around who communicate well.

I also present this series as a two-hour to full-day workshop you can book me for.

Improving your communication skills improves your life. This post is part of a series on Communication Skills Exercises for Business and Life.

If you don’t see a Table of Contents to the left, click here to view the series, where you’ll get more value than reading just this post.] For many people, meeting someone at all is a major challenge.

Today’s exercise gives you an all-purpose introduction you can use in all circumstances.

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Or, if at parties, bars, or social events, wondering how everybody already knew each other since, because I didn’t know how to meet someone new, I figured nobody else did.

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