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Peaches Chapter 1 Sitting absentmindedly stroking my shoulder length blond hair, I am sitting at my keyboard, staring blankly at my screen, as I have been since this morning.

My body is not in that bad shape for a woman my age, although I admit I could lose a few pounds.

Some might need to Hack a Facebook , gmail, yahoomail, Instagram , twitter and every other social network Accounts, Some might need to Hack into Court's Database to Clear criminal records.

However we can also Hack into school's websites (server) to change grades without any trace, Also Some Individuals might want to Track someone else's Location probably for investigation cases.

Im working on further chapters, and Id enjoy any constructive criticism.

Contact me at [email protected] a story of a middle aged woman who gets used and humiliated by a sexy Puerto Rican girl she met online.

Well, Im here now, maybe I should monitor this channel, Im a mother or 2 teenaged girls, I should know what goes on, at least I can warn them of the danger online.

You see, I work from home twice a week (my job is just too boring, so I wont bother telling you about it), and my boss likes to use one of the popular messenger programs to keep in touch during the day.

To hack any thing needs time though, but we can provide a swift response to your job depending on how fast and urgent you need it.

Time also depends on what exactly you want to hack and how serious you are.

Then I saw her, Miss Peaches, she seemed to be the queen of the room.

All the women and girls on the channel seemed to show her such respect, vying for her attention.

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I was aghast at some of the channel names, there was Fuck My Whore Bride, Big Black Dicks For White Women, Pee Sex among others, ewwww !!!!

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