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Listen beyond Janet’s own voice to the multiple drones behind her: This is a truly focused pursuit", concluding her delivery in "If" to "work against the normal attributes of her voice, which is usually a soft coo (cf. Jackson sings at a break-neck speed, practically rapping about the salacious pleasures of her lover – this is one of Jackson’s most explicit songs (at the time)." Additionally, an alternate review gave the song similar commendation, exclaiming "If" has "a lot of styles on display", which included "distorted synth meets acoustic guitar." Rolling Stone qualified "If" as simultaneously being both "subtle and bold", with Popservations giving a similar anecdote – "Jam and Lewis gave Janet’s bedroom fantasies a fierce dressing-up — tough jeep beats, hard-rock guitar, and a Diana Ross & The Supremes sample — and some missed just what she was on about." Yahoo!Music considered "If" to be a "fast and frenzied dance tune" beginning with "unmistakable background chords which anchor the song down and dirty all the way through to the end." A similar critique from Pop!Jon Pareles of The New York Times noted the song starting "with screaming guitar and a chanted verse, rising to a sweet melody." Sal Cinquemani from Slant Magazine considered the song as "the orchestral flourish from Diana Ross & the Supremes' 'Someday We'll Be Together'", writing, "[the song] seems to exist for the sole purpose of providing the impetus behind one of the greatest dance-break routines in music video history."[19] Some critics noted the presence of a riff guitar.Greg Kot from Chicago Tribune wrote, "There's a surprising, fuzzed-up guitar riff lifted from Peter Gabriel's 'Sledgehammer' that gives 'If' some punch." BBC Radio 3's CD Review Magazine described "If" as "impressive industrial fury" with the theme of "oral satisfaction", with Vibe calling it "a weird masterpiece".The song's racy lyrics and explicit theme also received acclaim, with some critics praising "If" for being erotic while still maintaining an imaginative quality.Entertainment Weekly exclaimed "If" "takes Jackson into exciting new terrain", setting "her voice against what sounds like a traffic jam in a city of cyborgs." Billboard describes "If" as a "rockin' dance track", saying the strings "anchor the climax of this rockin' dance track, which is perhaps more inseparable from its iconic music video than any of "janet."'s other singles based on its head-slapping choreography." The song's lyrical theme of feeling passion and lustful thoughts while avoiding the temptation to interfere with monogamy was also praised, adding "Though Jackson lets her mind race with naughty thoughts ("You on the rise as you're touchin' my thighs / And let me know what you like if you like I'll go / Down down down down da down down"), she ultimately stops herself from going after someone else's man ("But I'm not / so I can't / then I won't / But if I was your girl.")"[15] Idolator called the song an "industrial dance/sex epic", with another review classifying it as "infectious and raunchy", adding "Janet Jackson's unmistakable voice is used to perfection to create an eerily tropical but beautiful track." David Nathan of B&S Magazine remarked "If" pulls no punches.Listening to it and reading the lyrics Jackson wrote in a Virgin Records conference room, I blush - in itself a rare occurrence. Semon of the Telegram & Gazette commented: "One of the most exciting tracks on "janet." is the naughty seducer, 'If'." Jackson is consumed with sexual fantasies of a man who doesn't even know she exists.Nicholas Jennings of Maclean's wrote, "One standout song [from janet.] is the guitar-driven If, with its explicit lines. Wailing guitar chords and hip-hop programming move this punchy, fast-paced dance number as Jackson creates erotic pictures in the mind of her soon-to-be lover to get to his physique".

But she's not, so she can't, so she gets pretty frustrated in the second verse – without it being too much. She just slips it out there and you say, ‘Oh my God listen to this!?

It's still within good taste." "If" was the original choice for the lead single from janet., with Jackson being pressured to release the song by her label Virgin Records after playing them a rough demo, telling her "it could have a great dance video". ’ It introduces itself.” And we’re looking at Janet like, ‘See!?

Complying with her instincts, Jackson decided to release "If" as the album's second single and instead debuted "That's the Way Love Goes" as the first offering from the album. ’” "If" was viewed by both critics and the general public as an evolution in Janet's career, further advancing from the innovative industrial-based synth pop of her Control and Rhythm Nation 1814 albums.

Blerd noted "If" "starts with guitar feedback" before turning into "a sweaty, sexy dance workout", with another review saying "Janet's unstoppable album janet.

gave us hit after hit after hit, and 'If' blew us away", adding the song "rocked out with a raunchy lyric and vibe, seeing Janet's beginning of embracing her sexual self", also declaring it to be "new", "hot", and "raw".

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