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We like your own words better than those of that old guy on the bridge in Monty Python's The Holy Grail. Not calling all the time gives us a chance to try new things to get your attention. 337: Don't assume that your favorite beer is our favorite beer, too. 419: We would also love to skip Sunday brunch with eighty-five family members in favor of sitting on the couch in our sweats watching reruns of The A-Team. 380: You aren't the only gender that can appreciate a big booty. 780: If you plan a date a week in advance, we'll spend the next seven days planning our outfit.

673: Even we know this: The craziest girls are the ones who seem the most normal at first. 737: Surprise field trips are the best, even if it's "guy stuff." If we roll our eyes, it doesn't mean we don't love the effort. 699: We say we love scary movies so we can cuddle up to you. 595: Just because a model wore super-skinny jeans with pointy leather shoes and a plaid blazer doesn't mean that the ensemble is appropriate date attire for you. 880: If you call the movies "the cinema," we will only laugh. This blog contains health tips, natural health tips, herbal health tips, health tips with fruits and vegetables, World News,amazing pictures around the world, facts around the world, online earning tips, Forex,funny pictures. Web Hosting & Domain,*Hell My Dear Friend How Are You ? 973: The most important error most of you make when trying to figure us out is in thinking of us as mysterious, unknowable creatures who adhere to some cabalistic set of Girl Rules. 756: If you want your beer to be cold all the time, get a mini-fridge; don't let it take up too much room in our fridge. 535: We prefer an arm around us to holding hands pretty much any day.

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816: Seventy-five percent of the sounds we make during sex are purely for you.

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