Dibu-mi familia es un dibujo online dating

While she was modeling, she also studied social assistance in university and militated alongside Padre Carlos Mugica during the dictatorship in Argentina.

When she was 17 years old, she was selected to host the young-oriented show Voltop.

Her husband became the producer of some of the biggest hits in the country, including Mesa de Noticias, and in 1990 he became director of Telefe and transformed the channel in Argentina's highest-rated station.Later, she also had a starring role in Amigos son los Amigos.Her last appearance as an actress was starring the telenovela Quereme in 1994 and, afterwards, she retired from acting.Her other business ventures includes online TV channel Yups TV and Fans Store, a store that sells exclusive Casi Ángeles merchandising and also offers workshops.Music is an important element in all of her shows and she is a composer herself.

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