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Dick gets lost trying to find Miss Cooter, but runs into two other abandoned penises, Big T and Weenie, who are willing to give him a helping hand after initially roughing him up.Big T and Weenie reveal to Dick there are actually many "lost dicks" and bring him to the "Land of the Dicks". Joey arrives shortly after, to, with the help of his heart, win Vanessa's love.Miss Cooter refuses to believe this, insisting that Dick loves only her.Tiffany similarly breaks the news to Sally, but Sally does not take it as well, storming off distraught.Vanessa quickly shoots down Joey's advances, and Joey runs off crying.Tiffany lets slip what happened between Joey and Vanessa.Joey thanks Sally for letting him pair up with Vanessa and hugs her.In the midst of the hug, Dick and Miss Cooter meet and fall in love with one another ("I've Seen You Around Here Before").

Miss Cooter tells the Old Snatch that it's Joey's dick she's in love with, and the Old Snatch reveals that Joey and Vanessa are planning to have sex together.Tiffany shows up at Vanessa's to give her a box of "tools" in case her study date with Joey turns into an "epic fail," including handcuffs, beer, and condoms.Vanessa and Flopsy argue over whether sleeping with Joey is right, but Vanessa convinces Flopsy that it is important to her.While waiting to walk to school with Joey, Sally begins talking to her vagina, Miss Cooter, who is equally upset with their sexual situation.Sally chalks it up to being "an ugly duckling that became an ugly duck." Miss Cooter advises her to not be afraid to go after what she wants.

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In shock of losing his penis, Joey is visited by his heart, who has been ignored ever since Joey and Dick became friends.

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