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Known for their versatility, Avedis Zildjians have probably been used on more recordings than any other type of cymbal; they are an archetypal sound; a defining Standard by which others are measured. Because their manufacture relied heavily on modern machinery (as opposed to hundreds or thousands of hammer strikes made by a human), it is widely assumed/believed that (old) Avedis cymbals were incredibly consistent.

Out of curiousity I looked through my collection of what I found: I have a 20" Constantinople Medium ride with a JH (2008).

Due to that fact, we cannot accurately assess the age of any cymbal made before 1995.

Since then, Zildjian has created its trademarks through the use of state-of-the-art laser etching technology, which allows our cymbals to receive a perfect rendition of any of our trademarks in any size.

One might think that each succeeding trademark change would allow for a specific period of time to be associated with that marking.

In reality, it is necessary to maintain the registration of any particular trademark by incorporating its use periodically through time.

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