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If you really like her and fancy her as a tour guide as well, or even to whisk her off to another place, this can be done, but will (generally) cost you.You’ll need to cover for the daily bar fine and her fee. Although all bar girls in girlie bars should be over 18, some Thai-run bars hire girls as young as 16.Pattaya is a major sex tourist destination and while there is much more to the resort than that, the Pattaya bar girls scene is the main attraction.It is loaded with bars full of sexy girls and has long been the ‘naughty’ centre of tourism in Thailand, attracting a large number of visitors purely for Pattaya bar girls.You don’t have to take the first bar girl that sits by you, and actually it’s better to sit engage with many to get the right one.You will need to pay a fine to the bar (‘bar fine’) if you decide to take the girl home with you.

The bottom end of Beach Road (especially along Walking Street) is the crux and it is full of Pattaya bar girls waiting for customers.

It’s around 300 baht at standard beer bars and as much as 500 baht at the better go gos (1,000 baht over Christmas).

You can then take her home, but be sure to negotiate her sex fee before you do all this, though don’t be too tight. Some Bangkok hotels don’t mind tourists bringing bar girls back to their room as long as they are discreet, while others charge extra or forbid it altogether.

Hundreds of venues also line the beachfront and side streets (sois), so that wherever you look there will be bar girls of some sort.

The ladies are forthcoming and confident, often very pretty, although many of the bars are pretty rough, with girls sitting around getting drunk and smoking.

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