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There seems to be two types: one that will come on suddenly (often in the middle of the night) and see you throwing up all night, feeling pretty shit the next day and that's it, and the other, much worse, will come on slower and last several days.

The difference is probably the strength of the poison, how well formed it was when ingested it and if viral or bacterial.

That's what we have covered here: it is nothing difficult or complicated.

Nonetheless if you are new to travel, independent travel or travel in more challenging parts of the world (undeveloped) knowing it in advance should make your trip less daunting.

It is about the simple things you may deal with on a day to day basis (especially if you are heading to poorer or developing countries).

Whatever causes it or wherever it came from doesn't really matter - try to let diarrhoea pass through you with plenty of water, a basic diet and maybe try apple sliced very thin then left to turn brown.The bacteria responsible for diarrhoea and related symptoms normally die after 36 hours.If it lasts longer than this, chances are you have nothing serious, but something treatable, for instance giardia (indicated by severe flatulence, stomach cramps and sulphurous belching) which is cured by Flagyl (Metronidazole) - see a pharmacist.You will probably be at a loss as to what has caused it and you just have to wait it out.Its effects are horrible, but it doesn't last long in most cases.

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