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'Correcting destiny' You first link your Facebook account to the app.Once that's done, you can put your smartphone in sleep mode and spend the day as you would normally. When you open it later on in the day, your feed will show profiles of users who took the metro with you, walked down the same city street, or frequented the same cafe.

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French car group PSA has put industry veteran Stephen Norman in charge of managing a turnaround for its Opel/Vauxhall operations in Britain and Ireland, saying key to the brand's survival is a pick-up in UK sales.

Ordinary taxpayers on the streets of Berlin and elsewhere may be confused if you ask them about the “cum-ex” share switch scandal.

Didier Rappaport, one of the developers of the app, explains his goal: "They may be people you've noticed or people you didn't notice at the time," he explains.

"So when you look at your feed on Happn, you can say, 'Oh, I would have liked to have met that person,'" he says.

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