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Thompson also wanted to help the Arise become self-supporting by teaching them to farm.

When my father, Germa Amare, and I visited Thompson and his second wife, Evelyn, in 1996, we learned about the egg project.

In the late 1980's as a young student in Canada Ethiopian physician Fikre Germa, pictured above (standing) 21-years-ago with his his father Dr Germa Amare, Robert Thompson, his wife Evelyn Thompson, and a visiting friend, met and befriended Thompson (Center) who lived in Ethiopia from 1944 to 1958 and also served as vice-Minster of Education.

The Emperor was pleased and joined the lepers in nicknaming Thompson, , Father of the Chickens.Thompson’s mandate was to establish schools in the capital city of each of the twelve provinces and in all of the main provincial towns.Thompson flew to Britain, India, Canada, and the United States, recruiting teachers for Ethiopia. Within five years, the Ethiopian school population grew from zero to almost ten thousand.Years later, in his book entitled , Thompson wrote, “The expertise of such agency personnel is rarely obtainable through normal channels of government recruitment.It has been estimated that a dollar spent in this way and down to earth, close to people project is worth at least of government onset aid.” Through these experiences, Thompson grew in his understanding of human nature and the most diplomatic ways to accomplish political ends.

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I had little social support and even less money but a hunger for connections with Ethiopia, my home country. I first met Thompson at an Ethiopian community event in Vancouver in the late 1980s, where he stood out as the only foreigner in the midst of many Ethiopians.

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