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In terms of income, Denmark is a place when almost everyone is well-off.The economy is ranked 18th in the world by GDP per capita and is described as 8th most competitive in Europe, which has been a key immigration factor in recent years, drawing well-educated workers to the country.Always dependent on seafaring for commerce and connections with the rest of the world, Denmark has developed into a cosmopolitan cultural space that treats all visitors with respect.

You should almost always avoid being too loud or boisterous, since this runs contrary to Danish instincts and might be seen as self-serving disturbance.

The first feature that strikes you when you come to Denmark is its flat terrain.

Both the mainland portion and the islands are lacking any prominent mountains or even large hills – the highest point of elevation is just 171 meters above sea level and average elevation measures a modest 31 meters.

This prosperity doesn’t come at the expense of the poor, since only a tiny percentage of residents are under the poverty line thanks to very generous social programs that include the highest minimum wage in the world at per hour.

One important catch that many first-time visitors are unaware of is that, contrary to most other EU members, Denmark uses its own currency (krone, typically abbreviated to DKK) that trades at approximately 7.5 DKK for 1 Euro.

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