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Blow bubbles and transport yourself to your own world that eclipses the ordinary. Pewter dipped in silver (it’s actually a combo of tin, nickel and copper that creates the silver).

Every treasure that finds a home, helps a shelter dog to get medical care and safety thanks to the At-Choo Foundation.

I never stuck with them due to my lip composition, it's pigmented enough and I often have dry or chapped lips in winter so the stain seemed to accentuate the poor condition.

Aside from my personal situation, I would absolutely recommend these without question. It's not like putting food coloring on that drips all over the place.

Just a word of "warning" to test out the colour before purchasing if you have a similar skincolour to mine (Mac NC42): it doesn't look remotely like the light orangey-brown on the website, but seems to mix with my lip colour to a peculiar dark purple-red. I have nothing against the lipstain otherwise - 10 out of 10 for staying power, texture, and length of use. I watched VL on QVC do a demonstration on the best way to apply this product to cheeks, so want to share that with you all:1.Possible Outcome: You might experience delays and continue with struggles, or you might receive an email, text, phone message that you are not going to like that sends you back to the drawing board regarding travel plans, an invitation, or a job interview You might receive a "Dear Jane or Dear John" message that you are not going to like, or end up abandoned with no closure, or are experiencing a relationship that makes you feel insecure, betrayed, angry or jealous.If you experience any of the above you met the arrows of anger and jealousy from Cupid.The copy for the item said that some of the threads might have been broken, but in fact, the tubes are in perfect condition.The product itself was a little bit thick, so I moistened the doe-foot applicator with distilled water and mixed it in and ta da! I am evaluating the product for texture, staining, ease of application and not for the fact that this color actually didn't look all that great on me.

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