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During times they have been back together, I made a few gestures (some big, some small) to reach out to him & establish at least a civil relationship, for Mom’s sake.She convinced me to invite him to my wedding (to a man of a race he frequently mocked while I was growing up!To give you a flavor of our relationship: XSF is fond of nicknaming people: one of mine was “Mouse” because I (uncharacteristically) was always so quiet around him.

Here is the accessibility map of the Royal Festival Hall: PDF map I have shoulder length brown hair and glasses, and I will bring my plush Cthuhlu, which looks like this: The venue is accessible via a lift, and has accessible toilets.

Need I say how utterly impossible it was for me to have a real relationship with this man?

My younger brother has always had a better relationship with him, since XSF had no other sons & my brother was eager to bond with a father figure (bio dad was largely absent).

I went on to borrow for grad school, pay for my own wedding & home, etc.

Unfortunately , XSF was and continues to be unapologetically misogynistic, racist, homophobic, alcoholic, verbally abusive, and paranoid.

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