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I cannot begin to describe how your guitar talks to me. The way the notes flowed perfectly with the rhythm while it still shreds, gave me something to live for.I was once considering suicide, and it was your music that kept me from it. I immeadeatly picked up my guitar and learned the solo.I seriously recommend this song be learned by any aspiring metal guitarist (or at least learn the 1st three riffs) and DOWN-PICK the whole thing.You'll be slow at at first, but I guarentee if you practice it everyday it will help you in the long run. (I'm not not an expert on guitar playing I'm just saying it helped me alot)even though that probably wasnt kirk really writing comments (no offense to kirk if that was really you ) but i agree with dee from north field the line fix me is so incredibly heavy the first time i heard it (and this song ) it scared the living crap out of me.

Mozart was probably feeling the pressures of the marketplace. He was looking for a whole new sound that would blow everybody away.Since they didn't have any electricity back then, Mozart may have written "Padrone" on violin and exaggerated the distortion to the best of his abilities, even going so far as to sing the "Wah Wah" parts in the solo, whereas the guitar was unable to produce a wah-wah sound."We had no idea,(Laughs), I guess I gotta start listening to Mozart some time soon!Then the music shifts to a more steady beat, symbolizing a plateauing period, neither good nor bad, just kind of neutral, when a drug starts to lose it's effect. To me symbolizes the addiction part of taking drugs, where you need it and are desperate. My friend Joey had the album and a cd player and he told me to listen to it. Every time i got the chance I listened to that song. James wasn't kidding in that interview, and we're not kidding with the song.Right then, the lyrics kick in and it make sense to me: "master master where's the dreams that I've been after...promised only lies"Not positive, but to me it appears there was real emotional meaning to the middle part of the music, rather than just playing a great melody. I turned me on to Metallica, who is now one of my favorite bands of all time. James suggested we come up with something about drugs and the effect they can have. Obviously, the drugs are the master, and you become the puppet. Seriously, you guys, (I know it sounds corny, but) just say no.

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