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Bubba led Mc Gill's football team to the 7A title game as quarterback this past season.

He and his mother flew up to New York yesterday where they have been touring the Big Apple and getting ready for the big night.

He was the quarterback at his school and led his team to one of the state championship games. He might be lacking a bit in the power department, projecting for fringe-average power.

“Our pilot episode had really great ratings and we’re hoping to carry that momentum into the series for years to come.” As with the pilot episode, the show will follow the three cowboys as they build their business and will also focus on their personal lives, particularly for Harris and Thompson as they focus on marriage and building a family.

“INSP is a relatively small network, but so was A & E before Duck Dynasty put them on the map,” Harris said.

A pilot episode aired on the network twice in July.

“This is the first reality show to air on the network, so that’s groundbreaking for us,” Harris said.

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